Prices are net / -20% discount for self pick up

$10 delivery for order below $50

$5 delivery for order $50 to$100

$5 delivery for order $50 to$100

Self-collect & Delivery steps

Step 1

Submit your order by call or WhatsApp at this number

+65 94241579

At least 1h in advance for self pick up and 1.5h for delivery/ 1 day in advance is even better to make sure we can arrange a driver!

Step 2

Wait for confirmation from us before making a payment via PayLah! / PayNow

@ +65 94241579

Step 3

Send us a screenshot of your payment confirmation via whatsapp and we’ll process your order once transaction is successful

Step 4

Collect at your stated timing and enjoy your meal !


Please contact us using the form on the page in regards to any questions you might have, or to make a booking with us.

We only accept cash payment please, in compensation we don’t charge our guests the 7% GST ( tax ).